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White Lycra nylons and big tits! - 59 photo(s) 1 clip(s) - 23 December 2014

Kitty loves to show her shiny Lycra nylons. Especially when are white and suits her Santa costume.  She was a good girl all year so she decided to pose sexy for Santa! (K23)

Kitty in mini black dress posing with pantyhose! - 1 clip(s) 1 stream(s) - 28 July 2014

In her black mini dress, Kitty is getting ready for her photo shooting! After posing with pantyhose that she has near her, the black dress must disappear. And she remain just in her pink panties and her bra, high heels and putting on a mauve pantyhose! (K22)

Toplless with two pairs of pantyhose on red sofa! - 1 clip(s) 1 stream(s) - 27 July 2014

In the living room on her red sofa, Kitty already dressed with a pair of mauve pantyhose is trying over it another pair of pantyhose: skin colour and with a sexy model. And now, topless and with two pairs of pantyhose she is happy at last! (K21)

Kitty with grey and black pantyhose on! - 1 clip(s) 1 stream(s) - 26 July 2014

In a sexy red baby-doll, Kitty is ready to make a hot pantyhose movie for you! Because is getting hot in the room, she is getting out the baby-doll and staying just with two pairs of pantyhose: first grey and over it some black ones! (K20)

Pantyhose on and topless good looking Kitty - 1 clip(s) 1 stream(s) - 25 July 2014

With multilayer on her and topless, Kitty is having fun at photo shooting. And because she has a great imagination is posing in many positions to amaze you with her body and good looking tits! (K19)

Babydoll, high heels and teasing you with her pussy! - 1 clip(s) 1 stream(s) - 24 July 2014

Kitty is in love with pictures and photo shooting. And seems that photo camera is loving her too! In a sexy baby-doll with some fancy high heels, Kitty is teasing you with her juicy body and giving you a tease with her panties! (K18)

Kitty, pantyhose photo shooting! - 1 clip(s) 1 stream(s) - 23 July 2014

While staying in the bed, Kitty is losing the plum baby-doll and stay just in bra! Is so hot in there that she decide to keep on the pantyhose and play with the pantyhose while pictures are made with her. And she is all a smile! (K17)

Kitty in red dress and two pairs of pantyhose on! - 1 clip(s) 1 stream(s) - 22 July 2014

Kitty is trying a new dress: a red one! And is ready to go out with her friends, but she need to put on pantyhose: black or pink? Because she is not decided yet she is putting both pairs on! And she looks fabulous like this! (K16)

Kitty in black dress playing with her toy! - 1 clip(s) 1 stream(s) - 21 July 2014

Kitty dressed into a sexy short black dress is in mood to play with herself: is losing the pink panties, after the dress and bra and begin to play with her shaped body. She really enjoy to have fun with her sexual toy imagining that is your cock! (K15)

Kitty in college uniform and 2 pairs of pantyhose on! - 1 clip(s) 1 stream(s) - 20 July 2014

Into a sexy uniform of college girl, Kitty is playing dirty! She has a sex toy and is putting that toy between her big and juicy cleavage and after trying 2 pair of pantyhose on her long shaped legs! To be all perfect, at the end, she is putting high heels into her legs! (K14)

Kitty pull on the pantyhose over her tits! - 35 photo(s) - 19 July 2014

Kitty put on some silky skin colour pantyhose with some model on but she is trying another pair on. With two pairs of pantyhose and naked, Kitty has a dirty idea in her mind: to pull the pantyhose over her tits too. This idea makes her wet into her pussy! (S14)

Kitty naked, with high heels and red beads - 34 photo(s) - 18 July 2014

Kitty is putting out the green skirt and bra, getting totally naked and playing with some red beads. She is looking so hot naked, with some high heels and those red beads laying in the bed. Those tits look so fantastic and big! (S13)

Kitty, short green dress and skin colour bra on! - 25 photo(s) - 17 July 2014

Kitty, into a short green skirt and  bra, is playing with her pantyhose and posing you what model she will like to try next. And she has into her bed a play toy to put into her juicy pussy.  (S12)

Topless with two pairs of pantyhose! - 31 photo(s) - 16 July 2014

Kitty in her bed room is relaxing and having some fun while trying on her legs two pairs of pantyhose: silky skin colour first and over it some black pantyhose! She enjoy so much being topless and playing in the air with her encased legs! (S11)

Kitty relaxing in pantyhose and high heels - 27 photo(s) - 15 July 2014

Kitty is putting on her legs some sexy pantyhose and some shinny high heels to match at them. And is putting the phone at her ear maybe you decide to call her and give her some advices! Kitty is very open-minded and has a very slutty mind! (S10)

Kitty, with legs in the air and no panties on - 21 photo(s) - 14 July 2014

Kitty is staying on her bed and teasing you with her beautiful feet while you rub your fingers all over her pantyhose and dress her with another pair that you had at your back! She is thinking at this while her pantyhose are going off , on the floor! Is becoming pretty erotic and exciting no? (S9)

Kitty, short dress, pantyhose and high and shinny heels! - 31 photo(s) - 13 July 2014

Kitty is inviting you to her secret bedroom : you can see her pantyhose on the bed and also some new pairs of pantyhose. And for this special occasion she is wearing a new plum dress and some slutty shinny high heels! The only person missing is you! Join her into her wild and slutty bed. (S8)

KItty topless, pantyhose and flowers - 19 photo(s) - 12 July 2014

Kitty got hotter from the photo shooting and put off the bra and dam, those tits hand so beautiful and make you wanna get your cock between them! Even if she is that hot she is still wearing the violet pantyhose. And is playing with the decoration flowers! (S7)

Kitty, plum baby-doll and pantyhose - 26 photo(s) - 11 July 2014

Kitty is decided to take pantyhose on her sexy legs and after she has it on her is losing the plum baby-doll and posing like a wild kitty into her bed. Near her are other pantyhose: slutty pink and black silky. What she will wear next? (S6)

Kitty posing into a plum baby-doll! - 28 photo(s) - 10 July 2014

In her bedroom, Kitty is feeling amazing : dressed into a sexy baby-doll of plum colour , pink panties and beige bra, Kitty is loving to model for you like a true model! And she is really enjoying it by the big smile that she has on her face! (S5)