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Kitty with two pairs of pantyhose on! - 25 photo(s) - 09 July 2014

Kitty got hot from trying this the pantyhose; the black dress is off and , in exchange, she is putting on her perfect long legs two pairs of pantyhose: violet and skin colour! And, like you remember her, is posing sexy and enjoying the feeling of the pantyhose stretching her legs! (S4)

Kitty, short black dress with violet pantyhose! - 32 photo(s) - 08 July 2014

With a short black dress and a very big cleavage, Kitty is ready to go out! Now comes the big problem: what pantyhose to choose for this evening? Black or slutty violet? Because she is still into dilemma she is putting three pairs of pantyhose at her neck. Pretty inventive this Kitty no? (S3)

Kitty in grey and black designed pantyhose! - 54 photo(s) - 07 July 2014

Because she love to play with pantyhose, Kitty is trying, layer after layer, her silky and new pantyhose: first some grey pantyhose, after some black with a very nice design at her pussy and ... Kitty is in mood to brake the pantyhose and get her into your cock! (S2)

Kitty, pantyhose and red sofa - 44 photo(s) - 06 July 2014

Kitty is in mood to play today! In her living room she is putting all the pantyhose that she just buy from the store and begin to choose what to dress. Into a sexy red baby-doll, Kitty is showing her beautiful big tits and posing hard like a lioness! (S1)

Sexy Kitty and her flowers - 1 clip(s) 1 stream(s) - 06 July 2014

Kitty is in love with the flowers and she love to smell the white roses and dress sexy. She is posing with her legs in the butterfly position and rubbing her black pantyhose like nothing else matters. (K13)

High heels and ass showing in pantyhose! - 25 photo(s) - 04 May 2014

Kitty is sitting into her sexy suit and touching her black pantyhose. She is thinking if she should put some more pairs of pantyhose on her legs or not! Hard question and she sure needs some help with that action! (PK14)

Sexy green babydoll, pantyhose and heels on! - 23 photo(s) - 04 May 2014

With that green sexy baby-doll on, Kitty is preparing to wait you when you are coming back from work! On a chair, she is practising some sexy positions to impress yourself and your toy from your pants! (PK13)

Topless and legs in the air please! - 22 photo(s) - 04 May 2014

Kitty had to lose the red bra and let the tits hang! She is loving to touch her big and yummy tits while her legs are in the air. In pantyhose and with heels on, of course! (PK12)

Bedroom, pantyhose and legs on the wall! - 37 photo(s) - 04 May 2014

Kitty is moving the action into bedroom. She feel so sure on herself in here and she is showing you. She is in love with showing you that kitten look into your eyes and putting those sexy legs over the wall! (PK11)

Slutty dressed, high heels and pantyhose on! - 14 photo(s) - 04 May 2014

Kitty wanna convince you that she can cook and not just being sexy in some slutty costume and with some pantyhose on! But you prefer her being slutty and a queen of pantyhose then smelling like food no? (PK10)

Mini black dress, pantyhose and boobs out! - 14 photo(s) - 04 May 2014

Into a wild black dress, Kitty in front of the mirror begin to release what goodies she was keeping inside the dress. She also put on a black pantyhose to suit her dress and is loving this image. And all the time she kept the boobs between her hands, dam! (PK9)

Kitty in skin colour pantyhose from behind! - 32 photo(s) - 04 May 2014

Because she know that you love to be teased, she is showing what colour of pantyhose and panties she has under that orange mini dress! What do you think : does she has a bra under her dress or not? (PK8)

Mini orange dress and skin colour pantyhose! - 26 photo(s) - 04 May 2014

Kitty into an orange dress, very short and with some skin colour pantyhose on her legs is playing in the bed and posing sexy in front of the mirror or at the wall! And she is having a lot of fun! (PK7)

Sexy redhead, topless in 3 pairs of pantyhose! - 30 photo(s) - 04 May 2014

KItty is a sexy redhead kitten! Her look into your eyes is making you feel excitement into your pants. She is putting on her legs 3 pairs of pantyhose and trying to drive you pretty wild! Did she succeed? (PK6)

Topless in black soft pantyhose! - 23 photo(s) - 04 May 2014

This cutie can be a very sexy and wild woman if she want! Topless, in some silky black pantyhose, Kitty is posing sexy on the leather sofa. And this is her favourite part of this photo shooting!(PK5)

Skirt, pantyhose and big boobs! - 26 photo(s) - 04 May 2014

Kitty is happy : she just buy some new pantyhose just for herself! Because she is excited, she open the camera and begin to record herself while playing with pantyhose and showing her tits! This teasing with pantyhose is making yourself pretty hard no? (PK4)

Naked kitten and pantyhosed ass from behind! - 20 photo(s) - 04 May 2014

Posing got her really hot so she is getting all naked in front of the camera man and is showing you a curvy body made for fun! She will put on pantyhose again and show her ass from behind! PK3)

Kitty in pantyhose and sexy red bra! - 18 photo(s) - 04 May 2014

That blue dress was annoying all night so Kitty put it off and pose in her sexy red bra and with pantyhose on. I bet soon the bra will be history!(PK2)

Blue dress, pantyhose, high heels and red lipstick! - 17 photo(s) - 04 May 2014

Kitty is ready to get out into town! She put on a sexy silky black pantyhose, a sexy dress and some high heels! And like this she is posing in the living room before going out! And she put on her lips a slutty red colour lipstick! Perfect for a hot blow job!(PK1)

Pantyhose, kitchen and high heels! - 51 photo(s) 1 clip(s) 1 stream(s) - 04 May 2014

Kitty is hungry! But not for food, she wanna begin to have some fun with some pantyhose. Then she is starting to play with a grey pantyhose and with her yummy tits and pretend she is making you an erotic pantyhose show! (K12)